This Week I’m Reading…

Another classic! The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I’m only on page 27 but I love it so far! It seems like we could be at a point at which our decisions affect whether or not our future becomes as it is in this book. Women have almost no rights and the system is very classist. I’m worried that our country is in the beginning stages of becoming as it is in The Handmaid’s Tale. As I was reading, I’ve come across quite a few things that have really set the atmosphere of a possible near future.

“I never ran at night; and in the daytime, only beside well-frequented roads.

Women were not protected then.

I remember the rules, rules that were never spelled out but every woman knew: Don’t open your door to a stranger, even if he says he is police. Make him slide his ID under the door. Don’t stop on th road to help a motorist pretending to be in trouble. Keep the locks on and keep going. If anyone whistles, don’t turn to look.”

This is very similar to our current society and I truly hope that we keep fighting against this. Keep fighting so that we don’t have to be afraid. I hope it never becomes like this book.

In more pleasant news, this past week has been great for me! I’m incredibly happy with my relationship. We just started dating and even just met but things are wonderful. We have so much in common and I’m just swept away by it all. We’re even both left-handed. That’s super uncommon. All of my past relationships have failed pretty quickly and I’ve never felt like this in any of them. I’m really hoping this is it. I’m just so happy and I know why but I’m not sure how everything has fallen into place so perfectly for me. I’m amazed. They say that love at first sight is only in stories but I’m not so sure about that now.



One thought on “This Week I’m Reading…

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I believe women should have just as much rights as men. I can’t wait to read your final analysis on this book! keep up the good work, I could see myself reading something like this.


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